I'm a working mother who is on a never-ending search of finding balance.  When I'm not working (which consumes most of my time during the week), I'm playing with my 2.5 year old daughter and 7 month old son.  I am all about trying to get my kids to eat healthy, learn, and have fun.  I often try to involve my daughter in creative outlets such as cooking and card making.  I also enjoy finding ways to save money and time (with 2 kids now, both are more limited than ever!).

Oh, how my life has changed before the DINK (double income no kids) era. My husband and I would spend our weekends playing sand volleyball at the nearby park and would even have time to go to a movie on most nights.  While I miss those days, I wouldn't give these up for the world.  I'm just trying to figure out HOW to survive!
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